Saturday, November 8, 2014

Bauble Cards

Ah, yes. So I finally got hold of the book 'The Bauble Tree' and was able to try my hand at this tangle. What resulted was a lot of fun experimentation.

My first attempt was this little card. I colored on it with metallic colored pencil but I thought to myself, can I do more? 

Yes! I did! And I absolute love this little card! 

So how could make this even better? Well, color it in of course. Using my colored pencils I did a color version on a black and white printout. Then I printed again in color. Thankfully, my color printer did a fantastic job so I just had to cut and fold my papers. I now have over 40 of these little cards to send out this Christmas. I don't think I have ever had Christmas cards ready this fast! 

And my daughter even sat down to tangle and color yet again. What do you think of her version?

I also created another card which I didn't care for as much. It just didn't have the same playfulness that the little Lilah Beans added to the first card. 

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