Saturday, January 11, 2014

Recent Craftiness

I have been busy crocheting! I can't seem to stop! Check out under ckmom for more pics of my recent projects.

Washcloth and Scrubbie

Slippers for My Brother in Law

Owl Mitts

Doll outfit for my Daughter

Slippers for me!

Baby hats and Booties for folks in the church. 

Minion Hat and Mitts

Slippers for my Cali Cat!

Coffee Cozy

Winter Fleece lIned headband. 

Thanks for looking! And happy crafting!

Fun finds!

While at Target the other night I perused the dollar bin. There always such wonderful finds here. The best is when I find Washi Tape! Yes, that lovely patterned masking tape is one of my favorite things to play with. I always look for it wherever I go. And $1 per roll is not a bad price in my book. 

Valentines patterns are out so the beautiful tape has hearts and pink and red stripes. LOVE!

Also found in the dollar bin were these lovely flag pins. I am going to use these to track the progress of my lovely friend Courtney Gillburg as she travels the World Race, 11 countries in 11 months! This is going to be the big homeschool project for the kids the next year. I have to search Amazon for the right map for it and we have another staff member who will be heading out on this as well come September. This is gonna be so much fun to track their progress and learn more about each country they head to!

And last but not least, in my effort to get more organised I found these fabulous sticky pads to make notes and lists. I hope this works. 

So peruse your local dollar bins and look out for those fabulous finds!

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