Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Julie and Julia

Do you ever watch a movie and think, 'Wow! I so want to do that!' but you know realistically with your life there is no way?! Last night I watched the movie Julie and Julia and it was great! I loved it. I felt like I wanted to then go cook and savor all the different flavors of French cooking and French living! But realistically speaking I know I cannot. I am a full time mom, wife, etc with everyday household responsibilities and I have a 4 year old and a 6 year old who turn their noses up at food if they think it smells funny or looks wrong. Cooking French is just not an option here. However, I do find it amazing that this woman, Julie, took a challenge to consistently do something for an entire year!
How many of us get caught up in the idea of this but fall short on the execution? How many times when it comes to just everyday devotions in my Bible do I get excited to make a commitment to do these every day and learn, be focused on it for a week and then skip a day here or there only to find that eventually I am not doing my work again? But thank God that He realizes we are fallible human beings. I may not be dedicated to my devotional life but I am a dedicated mom who turns to Him when I feel I am failing. I know God wants us to cry out to Him in times of stress but He also wants to hear our thoughts when we are having a good day. That's why I have to believe that even though my gift is not a prayer warrior, I am not one to get on my knees and pray for an hour before the kids wake up, I am someone who does not seem to stop thinking all day long. I'm a woman after all! :) I believe that God hears those thoughts as prayers. I have to because even when I am not setting aside a designated time to get alone and pray, I am still sort of talking with Him all day! He knows our hearts, our thoughts, our prayers, and I have to believe that even though I am not as dedicated as Julie was, I am dedicated in my own way. And for now, at my time in life, it is enough.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Card Maker

Ever since I was a kid I have been fascinated with stamps. Not the postage kind, but the rubber, and now clear stamps. Unlike a one time use sticker, you can create an image as many times as you like. And with the many varieties of stamp pads available, you can create these images in any color!
I currently scour the dollar bins in all my favorite stores. I find so many but I can only adopt the ones I feel I can see a creation with.
One of the things I hope to share with you all along the way is my cards. Stamping is just one of the passions in the crafty department for me but it is currently the one I am using the most.
I find such joy in creating a card for someone. I didn't just pick up a generic sentiment but sat down and made a card with you in mind. I imagine the reaction to the cards I make. The joy at getting mail, the smile when it is from a friend, the happiness that particular sentiment on that card brought to that person. And yes, I enjoy creating and being creative, but it's so much more too.
I hope that when you make something for someone you find as much joy in it as I do!

Homeschool Humdrum

I am not a woman who is used to homeschooling. It is only my second year and I still feel like I am floundering. My son is in first grade, 6 years old and my daughter is in preschool, 4 years old. I have the ability to teach, but not always the motivation.
There are women out there that I meet that seem to have it all together. They seem to be able to do a million things and still come out looking fresh. They are a model to us all but I fear not an example I can live up to.
My mother in law homeschooled all five of her boys in various states. All the states had different rules and she was doing it at a time when homeschooling was still really odd. (Not that it is completely normal now.) She seems to have been able to breeze through it. She'll be the first to admit however that it never was simply easy. I at least have her for a resource to ask questions to. I get caught up in the whole, 'The book says he has to fill this out a certain way' and all the rules and regulations and I am unsure of what I am allowed to say or do to accomplish the end goal. But I guess it is just an experience and like all experiences it is trial and error.
I say all this to let others know they are not alone! Sometimes it feels like we can see everyone else doing so well and we are floundering! But I have found, through my own insecurities and needing to learn more, a very special book by Beth Moore called 'So Long Insecurity'.
It was amazing to read through and see that I was not alone! As women we all look at each other and see the outside version of the front that we put on for the world! Unfortunately that is true in church too! We don't walk in happy to see everyone. We see that 'so and so looks fabulous in that skirt' and 'O my goodness can so and so's cleavage show any more?!' We think, 'at least I don't look like that' or 'I am so jealous she seems to have it all!' We need to stop judging and start thinking, 'Wow, I personally have a lot of blessings in my life to be thankful for.' After all, we have no idea what is behind all those smiles. Everyone has problems and worries of their own and we as women are our own worst enemies. Instead of judging each other we should be thankful for each other and be lifting each other up!
I challenge us all to take a good look at ourselves and our lives and be really thankful for where we are. Some others may have nice houses and furniture and look great and seem like they have it all together! Sure I have hand me down furniture and a house provided by my husband's job that is slowly deteriorating, but I have never seen anyone come in and turn their noses up at this place. Nope, they just love us and our hospitality and it is all we can ask for. I have solid friends who I can rely on! I have a wonderful husband and great extended family! I have been blessed with a creative ability I am able to use in many ways and we have enough money to allow me that luxury! I really am so blessed! I have a great support network I can rely on and a God bigger than all my problems to call on! And I know I can be thankful for that even when the little things seem humdrum. A'men!

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