Friday, September 11, 2015

Trash Can Refresh Diy

So, it's been a while. But if you know me you know I am sporadic at best. The latest intrigue to share is my garbage can. 

(Please excuse the unfinished kitchen closet and mess)

I have had so many compliments on it and you know what? It cost me $3 and some time. Basically I disassembled  my garbage can, took the spraypaint made to bond to plastic, and sprayed away! Once I was satisfied with the coating I was done. I only used one can for this 13 gallon garbage can. You may want to buy two just be safe, especially if you want the coat on the inside of the can. 

Now, I didn't get the inside where the bag is because who sees that anyway? And I didn't get the very bottom, again, because who sees it? But the result is gorgeous. The color I got is called Lagoon. I love the way this adds a pop of color to my kitchen and it made the old stained white nasty looking garbage can go away! 

Seriously, everyone keeps asking me where I got this one. I smile and tell them spraypaint, and their eyes light up with possibilities of their own! Go! Do it yourself! I can't wait to see your result! 

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