Saturday, May 10, 2014

Tangled Fashion

If you came to this blog because you were connected from ZTforkids then you have already seem some of this content. I felt the need to share on my own blog however.

I have recently purchased a Style Me Up Disney set from Meijers for $7.99. (I understand Target also carries these.) the set is a book of 5 different hairstyles with girls all in boy shorts and strapless tops. It comes with stencils, stickers, and a 16 page introduction on fashion concepts and pallette colors. The purpose is to let young girls design their own fashions for these 'dolls'. Enter STX.  

I could not resist. The idea was too tempting to pass up. Play with fashion? I have always loved this. My mom went to Cornell University and graduated with a degree in fashion design. She has always doodled dolls and dresses, and I can vividly remember as a kid coming across her sketchbooks filled with styles and patterns she had had to do for her classes. I always was intrigued by this. Now I get to play.

The thing I really like about this is the dolls are already drawn for you. I have always struggled with body proportions and making faces symmetrical. This takes all that extra work out of it and allows you to focus on the outfit specifically. 

My first thought was to play with tangles. Sandy Stein Bartholomew has a book called Tangled Fashionista. I have yet to purchase this book but from the videos and reviews I have seen of it you fill tangles in the predrawn dresses and outfits. Very cool. But I wanted to try to be more free form. Inspired by Norma J. Burnell, CZT who does beautiful tangled fairies both on Etsy and online, I wanted to explore what I could do. 

On some I have used the stencils with pencil as a guideline for the outfits. The pencil is later easily erased. This gives me my 'strings' to work in. 

A micron 01 and colored pencils, metallic colored pencils, gelly roll pens, and watercolor pencils have added the necessary color in many of my drawings. A blending stub and an HB pencil have added the shading. 

Always looking to explore new things, this has been so fun to find. I know I would highly recommend it to anyone! Enjoy! 

Tangle Cards

Love Love Love these tangle cards by Sandy Stein Bartholomew. But I was super nervous about letting kids use them.

I bought a roll of contact paper, cut and contacted every card, and punched a hole through the corner for the ring. (A long process to be sure!) They are super easy to flip through now and more durable for kids. 

I even let my daughter Calista, 5-1/2, use them. 

Cali practicing tangles using the cards.

These are so fantastic. A cute drawing example on one side and a step by step on the other. A definite must have! 

Also available from Sandy Stein Bartholomew is the tangle app. Check it out for more portable fun! 

Key Rack/Necklace Holder

There is a beautiful and talented young lady in our church who I am getting to know little by little. She has a beautiful voice and what a gift it is! She is graduating high school this week and I was so touched she gave us an invite to her recital and her graduation party.

By now I am sure you know that I will make any gift I can! This was no exception. I took an 8x10 canvas and covered the edges with embossing powder. This particular powder was an antiqued ivory look. I found a 12x12 paper I liked for her. The antiqued look and the music paper was perfect. 

I cut the paper to size, sanded the edges, mod podged the paper to the canvas, and found a calligraphy R online that I liked. Her name begins with R so this was appropriate. I thought the style fit well with the antique/vintage look. I used a gold sharpie marker to draw the R and outlined it with a sepia colored Micron 05. 

Screw some hooks in the bottom... And voila! While this was fairly quick to put together, the fun is in picturing her face. I know she is a Jane Austen fan as well as anything vintage. I used the first letter of her first name because then she could still use it should she get married one day. 

I was so happy with how this came out but I have to admit I was tempted to keep this one. My last name starts with R. But then, I struggle to part with any of my creations. 

Congrats on your graduation Rachel and I hope you enjoy this for many years to come! 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bouncing a little Bit

Ok, so I am a little excited. The lovely Ms Sandy Bartholomew has posted a letter and pictures I sent her on her blog! Wow. I am just blown away. What an amazing lady. I think too often we perceive a barrier between us and the authors of books we love. What a wonderful experience to interact with one. I liken it to meeting a celebrity or getting excited over a special present that is just for you! She didn't have to post any of my stuff but she was inspired to share and it in turn made me feel special. She also went the extra mile and connected people to my blog (Welcome by the way!) and even connected our camp website. She didn't have to do any of it and and I am just so blessed and flattered. So thank you so much Ms Bartholomew. You have truly made my day. My daughter Calista, (5-1/2) was thrilled as well. And my son Kaden, (8) got excited: 'You mean the lady who has the Lilah Beans!?' Yes indeed Kaden. Yes Indeed.

You can connect to her blog Here

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