Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Doodles and Mandalas, Oh My!

So, there is a fantastic new app out there called "Amaziograph". If you don't have it for your iPad I highly recommend it. Totally addicting. Basically it is a patterning app that takes what you draw in one section and puts it in all the other sections. It copies what you are drawing as you are drawing it. I love it so much I got super excited while playing with it. 

This brought the interest of my children. Oh my, you think I had fun, apparently my kids had a blast too and I don't want to share! Haha. 

I must point out that I am currently operating on an iPad 2, 7 years old and currently getting slower and slower with the latest IOS updates. If you have an iPad Pro, get this app! It is way too much fun!

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