Saturday, November 15, 2014


I mentioned before that I had bought the pdf book "The Tangles of Kells". The author highly recommends watching the movie. Well, Kaden was sick with a lovely cold that just about stole his voice and we turned on the tv and loaded up Prime Instant Video to watch "The Secret of Kells". I am so glad we did.

While I did not particularly see much point to the story line (boy is forbidden to go to the woods, boy goes to the woods meets wolf girl, finds secret stone and goes off to finish writing book, comes back home in later years with book finished) the artistry in this movie is just amazing. But don't discount the movie entirely. I plan on looking into the "Book of Kellls" more. There is only so much they can tell you through a movie. There is much more to the story I am sure and it has sparked my interest. Of course I could have totally been too distracted by the art. Ms Bartholomew even says "If you watch the movie with your own sketchpad at the ready, you will surely see hundreds more patterns to inspire you." 

I think if Ms Bartholomew and I were to meet we would find we are of a similar mindset when it comes to art and drawing. She says that she is one of those people who sees a design and tries to break it down to 6 steps or less. She is always seeing patterns everywhere and she is always trying to deconstruct them. (sounds like I wrote this. I mean technically I just typed this but they are not my words although they kinda are cuz they are so something I would say!)

Alrighty, so I sat down, watched the movie, doodled away, and then took a look at what her pdf book had to say. 

I was amazed to find that many of the tangles I saw were ones that she found and even embellished better than I could in my brief glimpse of the movie. She has seen it many times and has had the chance to break down the patterns more. I just doodled as fast as I could as the scenes flashed by. 

With my pen at the ready I sat down to play with these tangles. I created two more Christmas cards inspired by the tangles of "The Secret of Kells".  These will be available in my Etsy shop soon. 

The tangles lend themselves to a unique creativity. They are whimsical and airy. The lines are very clean and easy to draw. I am so thrilled with this book and this movie. I want to own the movie just so I can watch the artistry more. 

Fast forward to this morning: I woke up to the latest blog post from Beezink. Ms Bartholomew has now created a printed book available in her Etsy shop. She has a new cover, and she has signed copies. I am so bummed and thrilled at the same time. I couldn't resist buying the pdf book and using it right away and now she has a new copy of it which is awesome but the frugal person in me says that I already have a copy so I shouldnt buy a second one and the evil imp inside me says that I could give my daughter my homemade copy and keep the signed copy for myself *mwahhahahahaha* and overall I am just in a very confusing state. Haha. 

Anywho, I was sitting reading the blog post and who should come in? My  daughter. "Mommy! That is the 'Tangles of Kells' book like you have! I wanna tangle some!" So here we sit, I at my table, my daughter across  from me doodling away, and me a bit jealous cuz I am typing instead of drawing.... 

Here are a few of her tangles... mine will be soon to come. 

 Oh Look! Another Bauble Tree!


And just for fun: scratch art! Mine and Cali's.

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